Documentry Family Photography

Bell Family

Bell Family

Why documentary family photography?

After making this photograph I felt sure this was the type of family photography I wanted to do. I have always had a difficult time with photographs that are too posed. In portrait photography posing is a big part of it. I began my career photographing portraits, so naturally I tried to apply the portrait techniques to my family sessions. I soon found that the images felt posed.

Documentary sessions are not candid sessions. They are shot with intention, an artistic eye, and are full of meaning. That is what excited me about this approach to family session, creating a meaningful body of work that really reflects the families I am photographing. 

There are nothing wrong with posed images. During a session I'm more then happy to do some posed images as well. Theres something wonderful about getting dressed up and sitting for a family shoot. It's a unique and beautiful thing. I offer the documentary approach because I honestly believe that the meaningful moments captured will be ones that speak to you and your family the most.