Hello, and welcome to my page. I really appreciate you stopping by. I want to tell you a little bit about me. As you know I am a photographer, and photography is a very large part of my life. Besides photography I love going to see movies with my wife. Spending time with my family and being a dad. I enjoy walking around the streets and exploring with my camera. Sometimes I get to meet new people and have a nice conversation, and perhaps shoot a portrait or two. I really enjoy that. People are amazing and it is so cool to talk and learn about them. I always find you have something to learn from a different point of view. 

I am drawn to the still image because there is a timeless quality about a well made photograph. It’s like peering through a window into another world. I love capturing moments, that is why I am drawn to weddings, and street photography so much. I know these might seem different, but weddings are similar to street photography in that there are moments that happen in a flash, and when you can capture them, it makes the image so much more meaningful. Also I am drawn to the act of creating art, and photography is kind of like a an instant painting of sorts. You carry around this box, where you can frame out a slice of the life that is happening around you and capture a picture of it. 

I am very influenced by classical painters and portraiture. You may see an element of that style in my studio portraits. I’ve always enjoyed artwork like that so it’s no surprise that my work in influenced by it. I also am inspired by photographers like Jay Maisel, Ernst Haas, Saul Leiter, Fred Herzog, Joe McNally, Dan Winters, Steve McCurry, Albert Watson, Ryan Muirhead, to name a few. These are photographers who have a strong, artistic, style to their work and do so with a clear voice. I admire that a great deal.

I am also a person who really gets into their work. With photography, for example, I believe it is important that a photographer know about the entirety of their art, so I have have made it a point to learn, and continue to learn, as much as I can. I shoot digital, and film, I also develop my film, and I shoot 35mm, medium format and large format, I print both in the darkroom and digitally. In fact for your special wedding and portrait images I offer prints that I make personally. Photography is an ever evolving art form and I am always working to grow and learn.

At the end of the day people hire me because they connect with me and my work. This is what is important for you as a client. I know that you are putting a considerable amount of trust in me when you hire me to photograph your life. That understanding motivates me to work hard to make the best images I am able to make. I want all of my clients to come away with images they love. For me, that is what truly brings me the most joy in what I do.